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Updated: Mar 25, 2019

If by some chance you have gotten the impression that you were about to read a blog from the Golden Globe Award winning actor, Sterling K. Brown, or any of the other stellar actors in the show’s cast, then let me apologize. But, since you’ve clicked and already started reading, park your eyes for a minute and meet the cast of a real-life drama in the making.

My name is Tommy Tyson, but my friends and family call me Buster. I guess only time will tell in what category you will find yourself, or in what box you should decide to put me. My leading lady is played by Tekesha Tyson. Kesha will do just fine though. And, please don’t try to put an “I” in her name. She doesn’t really like that. One of the things that makes the show “This Is Us,” and life so interesting, is the fact that everyone has a story. We’re no different. Our story together started almost two decades ago before a detour in 2013. The train had a wreck, but it’s back on track and we’d love to share our journey with you. We’re the proud parents of three wonderful children. The oldest is 18 and already in her sophomore year of college. Our middle child is 13 and she doesn’t believe that middle child syndrome is a real thing. And our youngest is 8. He is his mother’s little slice of Heaven and plans to be a star on You Tube someday. And we have two additional sons that are of the canine species. One is a miniature Yorkie and the other is a Siberian Husky. Just between you and I, the more kids she wants, the more dogs she gets. You’ll hear more about all the kids later. Hopefully we sound like the quintessential great American family, but I can assure you that we are anything but.

Kesha and I are the owners of a Shoe boutique based in the Baltimore area. The boutique, which offers shoes, clothes, and accessories for both women and men, has opened a door for us to become personal stylists. We are also the founders of a non-profit, Elevating Soles. Donations are made here at home and abroad to help the underprivileged. We have a huge heart for people and believe that it is more blessed to give than to receive. I guess the best way to transition from a Bible quote is to let you know that we also are both ministers of the Gospel. All of these things, we do as a team. On this platform we want to share with you our rollercoaster lifestyle as partners in marriage, parenting, business, and ministry. When was the last time you went a whole day without leaving your spouse’s side? And how did that work out for you? That’s how most of our days go and it sure does get interesting. We’ll be giving you a front row seat to show you how we make it work with our four M’s: Money, Marketing, Management, and Ministry.

I’m no Randall, and she’s no Beth, but this is us!

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