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Buster & Kesha TYSON

Ministers Buster and Kesha Tyson have been married for seventeen years and are the parents of three children Faith, Endiya, Malik and two dogs (Rocky & Nayla). Buster and Kesha are business owners and philanthropists. The Tyson’s believe they were called by God to minister to marriages and families through their 2Dividedby2 Ministry. A Marriage Ministry for couples looking to get married and those looking that are married and striving to build a married life of abundance. The Tyson’s touch topics that people typically shy away from. Their unique perspective gives them the ability to share openly and give others the grace to do so. They founded their ministry off the Scripture Amos 3:3. “How can to walk together unless they be agreed.” They believe couples must be on one accord in order to live out their marriages purpose. The Tyson’s are constantly learning new ways to help benefit the kingdom. They are Certified Prepare-Enrich Marriage Facilitators through The Prepare Enrich for couples and have counseled many couples since the certification.
Ministers Buster and Kesha are members of the Kingdom Life Church in Baltimore, Maryland. They are the are the Department Head Ministers for the Marriage Life Ministry under the leadership of Pastor Michael Phillips and First Lady Anita Phillips. As a member and minister at Kingdom Life Church, Buster helps lead the men's ministry and participates in community outreach with The Mayor’s office of African American Male Engagement and holds bi-monthly meetings at the Federal Correctional Facility located in Jessup, MD. The Tyson’s are excited about where
God is leading them and their family and are humbled to be used by God to preach the gospel.
They are excited about this event and look forward to fellowshipping with you if you are able to attend.

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