One Night Stands

If you’re anything at all like me, then I know you will agree that a “one-night stands” policy should be implemented into every relationship. Our one night that stands is Thursday night. Oh, you thought I meant a “one-night stand” policy. Sorry guys, this isn’t that kind of blog party. I’m talking about one night that you and yours keep all to yourself. As both parents and entrepreneurs, our lives can get pretty hectic. We are always on the go and in some shape or form our attention is stretched in a lot of directions. I wanted to find a way to curb some of my selfishness when it comes to my wife so I suggested that we start having “Date Nights.” The original thought behind the idea was that we could have the chance to just be a couple instead of juggling all of the hats that we normally wear.

It ultimately has fulfilled its mission, but it has taken some turns along the way. At some point date night had even turned into our weekly business meeting. It has been used to mentor other business owners, share our experiences with other couples, or just to catch up on some shows that we taped on the DVR. She would tell you that Thursday night is her chance to be enticed by the smell of my neck and the sparkle in my eye that makes her feel like the most wanted woman in the world. (And, I’m not just saying that. That’s really how she talks. Complete with background music and the wind machine from a day time soap opera.) Date night is as important to us as Sunday mornings are to our faith. It’s the time we get to re-ignite what may have fizzled out during a long week. And, because of what it means to us, it has to be protected. Because this simple, yet intentional gesture is used to continually strengthen our bond with each other, it is constantly under attack. I pray every week that a hedge is put around our entire day when Thursday rolls around, because without fail, opposition comes and tries to destroy and disrupt our plans. Honestly, sometimes that opposition gets the best of us and we end up losing time together that we never get back.

We encourage you to continue to date your spouse. Courting shouldn’t stop when you get married. It should actually be pursued more aggressively. As you evolve as individuals, you will inevitably evolve as a couple, and as a rule of thumb, you should always know the person who you sleep next to every night. So, whether you’re taking a two-hour drive to Philly for dinner and music, picking out clothes to go somewhere that’s not so special, or finding some other way to make your kids call you corny, we say go for it! It’s how we remain relevant in each other’s lives. It’s how we get to the heart of our matters. And, it’s how I get to say unapologetically, “Put. That. Phone. Down.”

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